Monday, January 25, 2010

Basheer Plays - The Prithvi Experience - 16 Dec 2009

The first 2 shows over. The 6 pm show had an audience of around 60 (theatre capacity is 200) and the 9 pm show had over 150. (Incidentally we had Shashi Kapoor at the 6 pm show. He said he's coming again tomorrow.) Very satisfying for the first shows on a weekday. Still more satisfying were the standing ovations for both shows. After the shows many of us walked back along the beach to the apartment. Dinner was already set, thanks to Kaveri, and after eating some have settled down for a drink.

Past midnight. 2 shows coming up tomorrow - oops - today! Different play. More actors. The group has become such a wonderful community that there is always the underlying trust that we are going to enjoy working together - those on stage as well as the invaluable performers off stage. We also know that unexpected things will inevitably happen - brilliant enhancements and value additions, the discovery of new possibilities, as well as mistakes and blunders. But then, that is the magic of theatre - the uncertainty that leads to experiences beyond expectations.

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